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Homemade Soaps

As long as I can remember I have had skin allergies and conditions that required me to use special soaps. After some research I decided to make my own soaps using the essential oils that would benefit different skin conditions. Now I am making over 15 different soaps that benefit both the skin and the overall well-being needed by so many of us. My soaps use no animal products. I use only plant based oils, that make a rich nurturing soap. My soaps are aged at least 6 weeks before packaging. I do soap on commission.  

Art has always been a part and  love of my life. I settled into painting in the mid 80's. My favorite medium is acrylic, although I do play in watercolor sometimes. I am a water child and like all water children dream of living close to the water. Like wise, my favorite things to paint are related to the water. There is nothing more beautiful that the sun rising and setting over a vast body of water. It is truly a God given beauty that I try to capture on canvas.

I do paint on commission.

All of our lives have been centered around a love of the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. We stumbled upon the need to create a walking stick as part of our exercise program. For some time, they were just plain sticks, but over time, we began to think about what beauty lies under the bark. That thought has opened a world of beautiful ways to present nature's gift to any and all who can appreciate it and yet use it during a hike or walk around the block. All of our walking sticks are hand debarked, sanded, stained and sealed.

How to place an order with our company: ​Through experiences dealing with different pay sources online, we have decided to use only paypal for our transactions. If you wish to purchase items, please email  me @ geverett@easoncrossing.com and let me know what you want to order and the shipping address. I will send you an invoice through paypal to your email with the total price of the purchase. You may also contact us through the contact page.

​If you are wanting to see more photos of specific sticks you are interested in, please email  me and I will send you the requested photos.

Paintings by Gale

Walking Sticks